“Your Time is Gonna Come”

Republicans can blame (and thank) Harry Reid for eliminating the 60 vote rule with regard to Judicial nominations all he wants. Republicans can claim Democrats are obstructionists all they want too. But they never take responsibility for their obstructionism, do they. No, they simply whine about Democrats.

But Republicans were obstructionists in a way never before seen during President Obama’s Administration. Look at the graph below. Try to deny Republican obstructionism. This information has been confirmed by the Secretary of the Senate. More Obama judicial nominations required cloture than nominated by ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED!!! That was why Sen. Harry Reid went with the nuclear option. How many Supreme Court nominations did Trump have require cloture before Republicans went nuclear? ONE! Did they consider a more moderate judge who could have passed nomination? No. So, Joe Republican, before you get so smug and blame this on Harry Reid and say that he caused this…Look in the mirror.

I’m curious to hear your whining when the tables are turned and Democrats play by Republican rules. You won’t like that much, will you. Republicans and the Trump Administration. Bullys that can dish it out but not take it.

In the words of Led Zeppelin: “Your Time is Gonna Come”.

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